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Historical Family Connections
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How do I get started with my own book?


It's easy! Head on over to Create Your Link, where you'll be asked to provide as much information as possible regarding your ancestor to give us a starting point for our research. After submitting your request, you'll be asked to confirm payment.

Once we have received both payment and your ancestor's information, we'll send you a confirmation receipt by email and begin work on your family's link to history.


How much does it cost for each book?


Our standard price is $169.50 for a new story request. You can order additional copies of your completed book at $129.50 each.


What if I want extra content that requires additional research for my book?


Additional research time for your book is charged at $60.00 for up to four hours, with added time charged at $12.00 per hour. Original documents ordered at your request may incur additional costs.


Can I order more than one copy at a time?


It is our goal to make sure you are happy with the first copy before we send any more. Once your new story is complete, you can order additional copies.


How much is the shipping?


Our shipping and handling fees are $12.50 for the first item, and $8.00 for each additional item per order.


How long before I can expect my book?


You can expect your book in 10-12 weeks after we have received payment and  the initial timeline has been approved, which is sent once we have collected the research and data on your ancestor.  Some may take a little bit longer depending on an additions you would like and how long it takes for us to receive them. Our team sends out periodic emails keeping you up to date on our progress.


What if I don't have a picture of my ancestor?


We have a very creative team who can create a montage to represent your ancestor if a photograph cannot be located.


What size does our book come in? Are there various sizes?


Your book will be a standard 8.5" x 11" – easy to read, easy to carry, and big enough to look great on your coffee table!


Can we order a personalized cover?


Historical Family Connections is very proud of its cover and think you will be pleased too… your ancestor's name, however, is added to the spine.


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