Who we are:


At Historical Family Connections, we don't just love geneology and family history. We embrace it. We immerse ourselves in it. The joy of learning the various details of your ancestor - what made their life so rich and vibrant - is intrinsic to the experience. If we didn't love what we do, we wouldn't be able to bring your family's history to you in a story that links their life's journey with you.


What we do:


Historical Family Connections brings geneology, family history, historical research, and vivid imagery to create a unique and wonderful book illustrating your ancestors life. We personalize each book individually and with as much rich diversity as possible, with information provided by you regarding your ancestor. We then embark on a journey of deep historical research, from scouring birth and death records to exploring historical events that involved your family. Through this extensive process, we are honored to present you with a memorable, personal, and factually accurate heirloom to be shared for generations.


Where we are:


Located in beautiful historic Baker City of Eastern Oregon, Historical Family Connections benefits from both a region rich in its own grand stories, legends, and historical events - including the mines of Sumpter and the Oregon Trail - and the quiet existence and time for reflection that a small town provides. We don't just research history - we live in the heart of it.


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